SteamSpeed STX 63 Turbo for Subaru WRX & STI

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It is well known that upgrading your turbocharger with a larger SteamSpeed STX turbocharger is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase power on your WRX/STI; however, it is less known that sizing the turbocharger to match your performance goals has a huge impact on how well the turbo works with your other mods, how responsive your throttle is, and how fun your car is to drive. The good news is that we make a SteamSpeed STX turbo to fit nearly every goal.

 Our SteamSpeed STX 63 turbo is designed specifically for the WRX/STI owner who values a super-responsive stock-like turbo, but also wants the increased power that comes from our STX 11-blade billet compressor wheel, and the unsurpassed top-end flow.  The STX 63 is somewhat larger than the stock turbo, but thanks to our high flowing low-mass turbine wheel, and upgraded STX compressor wheel, the STX 63 can in some cases be even more responsive than the OEM unit, and will make more power across the entire rev range.  Expect significant power gains especially above 5000 RPM with the the STX 63 being able to hold boost until redline.