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SteamSpeed Focus RS Intercooler w/ 4" Core

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The SteamSpeed Focus RS upgraded intercooler is one of the first upgrades recommend by tuners for this EcoBoost platform.  It is easy to see why; the SteamSpeed intercooler is significantly more efficient than the OEM unit.  This means when the OEM intercooler thermal capacity is maxed out, which happens even with the stock turbo, the SteamSpeed intercooler is still efficient and the engine can continue to build power.  The SteamSpeed intercooler is designed to be future proof and efficiently support larger Focus RS upgrade turbos.

 In our testing with shop Focus RS with the SteamSpeed intercooler, we measured charge temperatures just only +5° F over ambient under full load.  This means the SteamSpeed intercooler is ready to make power on the dyno, street, or track.  The OEM unit  faired much worse at +31° F over ambient pushing the charge temps well over 100° F.  The ECU pulls timing in this case with the OEM core, and your car will make less power.

 We designed our intercooler with largest highest-performance bar-plate 4" core that you can fit to your Focus RS with out cutting, or grinding.   We designed cast end tanks instead of using welded plate aluminum.  This increases flow efficiently without the sharp edges and increases the durability of the tank without unnecessary welds to crack or leak

  • core size: 66cm x 22cm x 10cm => ~26" x ~8-5/8" x ~4"
  • weight: 25.7 lbs
  • core type: bar plate
  • end tank type: custom cast aluminum tanks
  • cutting needed: no