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Turbo CHRA - Upgrade, Repair & Advanced Replacement

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$1,122.00 AUD
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$1,796.00 AUD
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$1,122.00 AUD

Do you need to have your Steam STX turbo CHRA (center housing rotating assembly) repaired, or do you want to simply upgrade your turbo to our new Gen2 ball bearing CHRA?  You came to the right place!  All new CHRA replacements are Gen2!

Upgrading a Turbo to Gen2 Ball Bearing

Our new Gen2 ball bearing CHRAs use are signature high-flow low-mass 9-blade turbine combined with an all new ceramic ball bearing center section.  Further more, they are compatible with our old journal bearing models, so you can simply swap out your journal bearing CHRA for the new Gen2 BB replacement.  We would recommend getting your tune updated to get the best performance out of the upgrade and for best reliability, but the wheels will be the same size so they close enough to run your old tune.

Repairs - Advanced Replacements

We stand behind our products and because of our confidence in them, we provide industry leading warranties.  Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects.  Although our defect rate is quite low, it still sometimes happens, so we will repair or replace failed parts in that case at our own expense.  Turbos can also fail for a myriad of other reasons: oil starvation or contamination, foreign objects damaging wheels, etc.  This other category of failures are not covered.

If you need a warranty repair, but don't want to wait to send in your old CHRA and have it inspected and repaired, an pre-paying for an advanced replacement will get a replacement CHRA sent out to you as soon as possible.  Afterwards, simply return the old CHRA, and if it is covered under warranty, you payment is refunded, otherwise, the payment is not refunded.

We stock most CHRAs, so the turnaround is super fast! :)