SteamSpeed 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid (BCS) Subaru (GR, etc.)


Our 3-port boost control solenoid provides super high resolution boost control to dial in much more accurate tunes vs. the old OEM 2-port solenoid. Our BCS provides your tuner the tool need to safely dial in the correct boost levels, and achieve the best results possible. At the heart of our BCS is a super reliable industrial valve that is more responsive, higher flowing, more durable than stock. With our high performance BCS valve, your turbo will spool quicker, and maintain the tightest possible boost curve.

Tuners strongly recommend electronic boost control solenoids; we recommend them. Now, we make them. Introducing the SteamSpeed BCS (boost control solenoid aka EBCS) plug and play for all turbocharged Subaru models.


We include everything you need in the box for plug and play install. It mounts right to the stock location without modification with our custom made brackets, and clips right into the wiring harness. We even include new silicon vacuum lines and bolts so no extra trips to the parts store is needed.

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Product Name SteamSpeed 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid (BCS) Subaru (GR, etc.)
Manufacturer SteamSpeed
Country of Manufacture
Fitment STI
Weight 1.0000
Color Black
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