SteamSpeed STX 67+ Turbo for Subaru WRX 2015+ (ported)


We are pleased to announce that our FA20 turbos are in full production.   We've designed and manufactured all new components, so no core is required.   We've designed our custom housings to support bigger compressor and turbine wheels than the OEM turbo, so expect to see a 20-30% power bump over what the stock turbo is capable of.

These FA20 turbos are stock locationmeaning they are a bolt on replacement for the OEM turbo.   They are designed to work with all aftermarket parts that work with the OEM turbo.   What that means is that if you are "stage 2," our turbo will bolt right up to the J-pipe, intake, intercooler, etc. you've already invested in.

The STX 67+ shares the exact same center section as our STI STX 67+, known to make 350-400 whp on pump gas or well over 400 whp on e85.   The STX 67 "+" version has the same compressor wheel as the STX 67, but has the larger turbine of the STX 71.   We recommend it for WRX owners who have built blocks or higher flowing motors, and is better at providing top end flow vs the normal STX 67.   This turbo will make a lot more power and torque vs the OEM turbo everywhere on the power curve.

We supply all of the accessories you need to complete the install right in the box, so there is no running to the dealer or part store to find gaskets and studs.

Answers to common questions on this turbo:

- This is a journal bearing water cooled turbo.
- It is stock fitment. This means it can be used with all of your other boltons.
- It is our own castings and parts. It is not made by Honeywell/Garrett.
- This turbo is all 100% new turbo, we don't require a core return
- We expect the STX 67 version to make between 350-400 whp, and the STX 71 version to make 400-450 on pump gas, or +50 whp on e85
- The STX 67 prototype was tested at PRE on the 22nd of Feb.  The prototype worked perfectly, as designed.
- The STX 71 prototype will be test at MAP in Mar.  It has the exact same CHRA as our STI 71, so we know it will do well.
- email us at if you have more questions.

What's included in the Box

We know how frustrating it can be to have your car taken apart only realize you need to go run to the store to buy a part.  It easier and cheaper for you if we source and supply all of the accessories, so we took on the costs to save our customers time and money.

- Steam STX stock-location FA20 turbo
- custom water lines
- stainless steel oil feed line
- turbo drain oil pan gasket
- 8x studs and nuts
- turbo inlet gasket
- turbo outlet gasket
- 2x FA exhaust manifold gaskets
- SteamSpeed sticker

More Information
Fitment FA
Manufacturer SteamSpeed
Product Name SteamSpeed STX 67+ Turbo for Subaru WRX 2015+ (ported)
Weight 23.0000
Color Black
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
CHRA Bearings Journal Bearing
chra_cooling Water & Oil Cooled
Compressor Wheel Size 49.7mm / 67.4mm (2867)
Turbine Housing Size 8cm²
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