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This is where it all started for us.  Our first turbochargers, the SteamSpeed STX 67 and the STX 71, was designed for the Subaru WRX & STI to be a "20G" killer.  Both spooling faster while making more power, they exceeded our expectations flowing more and making more power than the Garrett GTX2867R and the GTX3071R their compressor wheels were inspired by.  It is amazing when products are actually designed and engineered correctly.  Since those early days, we have made many more turbos and other products for various Subaru models.

Later we designed and built the first upgrade turbos for the WRX 2015+ / FA20 platform with all-new custom SteamSpeed housings starting with our successful STX 67, 67+, and 71 designs.

We now support most WRX, STI, Legacy GT, and BRZ models.

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