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SteamSpeed Wastegate Pro & IWG75 6 Spring Set

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This spring set provides 6 different springs of different sizes and preloads to mix and match to dial in exact preloads.  These are for use with any of the SteamSpeed Wastegate Pro actuators and all TurboSmart IWG75 actuators.  These actuators have a ring that screws on to hold the two halves of the actuator together.  They look like this:

 If your actuator has cap screws hold the two sides together instead of a ring, then you have the standard actuator and need a different spring set.

These actuators accept 1-3 springs at a time, the largest size in the outer position, a middle size in the middle position, and the smallest size for the inner position.


1. red middle 0.76 bar = 0.76 bar or 11 psi

2. red middle 0.76 bar + grey inner 0.34 = 1.1 bar or 16 psi

3. blue outer 0.69 bar + red middle 0.76 bar + grey inner 0.34 = 1.8 bar or 26 psi

Here is a list of the individual springs and their colors:

WGAP-SL05 SteamSpeed Wastegate Pro & IWG75 0.48 bar outer spring (pink) XXXX
WGAP-SL07 SteamSpeed Wastegate Pro & IWG75 0.69 bar outer spring (blue) XXXX
WGAP-SM05 SteamSpeed Wastegate Pro & IWG75 0.48 bar middle spring (light purple) XXXX
WGAP-SM08 SteamSpeed Wastegate Pro & IWG75 0.76 bar middle spring (red) XXXX
WGAP-SS02 SteamSpeed Wastegate Pro & IWG75 0.2 bar inner spring (black) XXXX
WGAP-SS03 SteamSpeed Wastegate Pro & IWG75 0.34 bar inner spring (grey) XXXX